Launch of Phospholipases Expands Enzyme Portfolio

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Vienna, Europe, March 9, 2010 – EUCODIS Bioscience, a company providing customized enzymes to the pharmaceutical, chemical, and other industries, announced today that it has launched a panel of phospholipases, adding a new enzyme family to its product portfolio.

Phospholipases are a group of enzymes that are widely used in the industrial processing of natural fats and oils, such as in the food and beverage industries, in the cosmetics industry, and in the manufacturing of bioproducts from renewable resources (biomass). The market for phospholipases is estimated at EUR 40 million.

In 2009, EUCODIS Bioscience has launched several enzyme products, including a library of currently 20 novel lipases and beta-lactamases

Commenting on the launch of a new product group, Thomas Fischer, CEO of EUCODIS Bioscience, said: “In adding new enzymes to our product portfolio, we continue to execute our customer-focused strategy: We offer novel enzymes with promising properties to a broad range of industries, we manufacture commercial quantities according to market demand, and we engineer enzymes to customers’ specific needs. Feedback from the market is an impressive confirmation of this strategy, with our order book filling steadily“.

About EUCODIS Bioscience

EUCODIS Bioscience GmbH develops, customizes, manufactures, and markets industrial enzymes.

EUCODIS Bioscience’ products help customers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food and feed industries to make manufacturing processes more efficient and cleaner, and to generate products with superior properties.

The Company offers a broad portfolio of novel enzymes, including lipases, phospholipases, and beta-lactamases.

Led by an experienced management team, EUCODIS Bioscience is backed by Austrian and German institutional venture capital funds, founders, and private investors. The Company is headquartered in Austria, Europe, with a subsidiary in Germany.

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