New publication: Superior activity and selectivity of Eucodis lipase panel

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Eucodis Bioscience is glad to announce the release of a publication reporting a novel, commercially available lipase enzyme panel performing kinetic bioresolutions of a number of secondary alcohols. The superiority of these novel enzymes over lipase B from Candida antarctica (CALB) has been demonstrated. The paper has been created in collaboration with the Biocatalysis group of Almac Sciences Ltd.

Partnering launched for enzymatic antibody drug conjugation technology

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Eucodis Bioscience introduces a novel linker system designed to covalently attach a recombinant antibody or antibody fragments to a therapeutic drug - through a specific enzymatic reaction.

Active collaboration or co-development partners are sought for further development of this promising recombinant antibody-drug conjugation technology.

Reliable & prompt: Eucodis Protein Custom Manufacturing

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Customers can rely on EUCODIS Bioscience when it comes to manufacturing critical proteins – from the milligram scale for testing purposes up to the kilogram scale for routine industrial use. Our team specializes in developing high-yield, high-purity manufacturing processes that are designed to be scalable according to customers´ demand.

Our Protein Services include

- Protein engineering for optimum performance

- Customized functional protein production and downstream processing/purification

- Custom protein manufacturing up to 1000 L fermentation scale

- MOST IMPORTANT: Reliable and prompt delivery under agreed timelines

Learn more about our Protein & Enzyme Services.

New in Portfolio: Lipase Suicide Inhibitors

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In addition to the portfolio of novel lipases, EUCODIS Bioscience now introduces a range of suicide inhibitor substrates for lipases. The inhibitor substrates are designed for active site titration experiments and, e.g. can be used for the quantitative determination of active lipases and esterases in complex protein mixtures. They are ideally suited for applications in development and quality control of hydrolytic enzymes like lipases and esterases, and are used for these applications in house

Learn more about Lipase Suicide Inhibitors.