EUCODIS manufactures and delivers pure, high-quality, high-performing β-lactamases. LacBuster™ has been optimized for sterility testing and environmental monitoring in the manufacture and dosage formulation of beta-lactam antibiotics and for specific diagnostic purposes.

LacBuster™-S is a novel β-lactamase formulation with a broad substrate range against β-lactam antibiotics including carbapenems, cephalosporins up to 5th generation and penicillins. LacBuster™ addresses the needs of leading antibiotics manufacturers and laboratories interested in sterility testing of biological specimens and shows an activity significantly higher than that of other products currently in the market.

LacBuster™-L is a novel sterile ready-to-use solution. Due to its high performance LacBusterTM-L is especially well suited for the direct inoculation method and membrane filtration tests according to US Pharmacopeia (USP <71>) and EP. It can be directly implemented into existing standard operating procedures. Please contact our application specialists regarding usage.

Penase is a Penicillinase with a specific substrate range solely against all relevant penicillins. Penase is available as a freeze-dried product.

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