β-Lactamase media plates

EUCODIS manufactures and delivers pure, high-quality, high-performing products. LacBuster™ has been optimized for sterility testing and environmental monitoring in the manufacture and dosage formulation of beta-lactam antibiotics.

LacBuster™ Agar Plates for environmental monitoring

Eucodis provided a general purpose growth medium supplemented with LacBuster™ to effectively neutralise beta-lactam antibiotics. The media plates are suitable for the cultivation of a wide variety of microorganisms in environmental monitoring within the pharmaceutical industry.

Available as contact and settle plates for high performance monitoring of your isolators and clean rooms during beta lactam manufacture.

Why use LacBuster™ media plates?

  • High enzymatic activity of 1.000 IU Cephalosporinase and 10.000 IU Penase per litre medium
  • Optimized formulation: Supplemented with neutralizers for all commonly used disinfectants
  • H2O2-impermeable triple-sleeve packaging
  • Gamma-irradiated (20 – 35 kGy)
  • Long shelf life: 6 months
  • Convenient storage at room temperature

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