EUCODIS Bioscience offers a collection of more than 40 unique lipases of microbial origin, carefully selected and engineered for applications in the chemical, food & feed industry and pharmaceutical.

Twenty-five enzymes are available as a screening Kit enabling rapid selection for your application. Alternatively, EUCODIS also offers a screening service on request or development of lipase formulations tailored to your application. In addition, we also can provide Immobilized lipases for easy recovery and repeated use or continuous bioreactors available on request.

Superior activity in multiple applications

  • Biocatalytic stereospecific resolution of chiral alcohols and acids for API synthesis/fine chemistry
  • Generation of difficult to synthesize, sensitive esters
  • Production of nutritionally valuable fats and oils
  • Selective and efficient hydrolysis/Esterification of C4-C22 fatty acids
  • Emollient ester synthesis for cosmetics
  • Bioplastic precursor modification refinement

Our novel collection of lipases can be purchased as a screening kit or individually from mg to kg amounts. Upon requests, bulk quantities or higher purity lipase preparations can be supplied – tailored to match the application of our customers. All lipases are expressed in media with animal-free components, please inquire for lipases expressed in GRAS organisms.

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