CTAT - Enzymatic Drug Conjugation

This novel linker system is designed to covalently attach a recombinant antibody or antibody fragments to a therapeutic drug, through a specific enzymatic reaction.The CTAT enzyme recognizes a short sequence of 3-4 amino acids at the C-terminus of your antibody. This unique target sequence is easily introduced to an antibody by an expression plasmid. The CTAT enzyme cuts at this specific target site and covalently links the drug molecule to the antibody. This directed conjugation approach is not interfering with the antigen binding site of the antibody.


  • Site specific modification: No interference with antigen binding site, structural integrity of the antibody/(sc)FAB maintained.
  • Covalent conjugation: Stable covalent linkage between antibody and drugs, dyes, beads, matrices and surfaces.
  • One conjugation per antibody: Quantification during the application is possible.
  • Short recognition sequence –Short linker:Linker sequence between label and protein is small but can be extended if needed for the application.
  • Cleavage possible: Enzymatic removal of conjugate is possible if wanted.


  • Antibody-drug conjugates – ADCs: functionalizing of antibodies for therapeutic applications; targeted delivery of potent cytotoxic agents.
  • Labeling of recombinant proteins,antibodies or antibody fragments for: fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry,antibody-based assays (ELISA).
  • Covalent, directional immobilization on: beads, matrices, columns.

To see the most recent data please download our poster from PEGS Boston 2014.

EUCODIS is interested in co-development partners. The CTATTM-technology is available for licensing on a target basis or as a whole. If you are interested please contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .